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Metaphysics, Symbolism, Theory & Practice. (2hr Session)

£250    (30k+ Salary)

£200    (20k+ Salary)

£150     (10k+ Salary)

£0        (Unwaged)


This two hour introduction takes you from the big bang to the present moment. Establishing a context in which to situate our experience. The session introduces the theories behind Astrology, the structure of our solar system, the planets, their archetypes and their symbolic choreography as they dance with each other and through each of us in novel ways.


Astrology can be an empowering tool for reflective transformation. We will cover the symbols we have inherited from countless generations of observation and innovation, gain an understanding of the mythic theatre that we populate and explore in conversation opportunities revealed by your birth chart; that can aid you to reclaim the story of your life, so that you can play your transformative part in a more than human world.


You will leave the session with a fuller understanding of how and why Astrology works. Alongside an understanding of the symbols commonly used to identify planets, signs and their relationships to each other, with the ability to continue studying your birth chart on your own terms, in your own time.

Typically sessions are available between Monday - Friday at either:

10:00 - 12:00 or 14;00-16;00 (GMT)

All sessions are recorded and provided alongside additional charts and materials via Wetransfer afterwards.

To book your session please email Follow up sessions are catered specifically to your interests and needs: @£75-95 ph.

Полина; Scoprionic aspects plotted in sigils of Arkan Astrological Script


Sean; Sagittarian aspects plotted in sigils of Arkan Astrological Script

Valya; Natal aspects plotted in sigils of Arkan Astrological Script




My recent one-on-one natal chart reading with Ben Jeans Houghton was an invaluable experience that I would recommend to anyone, however deep, new, or even uncertain their relationship with astrology is. In fact, I have already recommended Ben to multiple friends, and we have enjoyed sharing the quality of our experiences with him amongst each other in the aftermath. Ben and I’s conversation passed two and a half hours long, and throughout he was gracious, patient and utterly engaging from moment to moment.


While his knowledge of astrology is unquestionably rich, I not once felt patronised or lost in a sea of terminology I had no understanding of. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Ben took care to introduce me to concepts and ideas before discussing them, and once established our discussion was simultaneously packed with information and easy to follow. It was a pretty empowering experience; I have already been able to apply what I learnt with Ben to my own life in small but significant ways, and feel my astrological toolbox is both well-stocked and my own, to be used as I see fit.


As a side note; Ben’s insight on my personality at times felt so apt I was taken aback. Not just were his observations astute and penetrating but eminently constructive. I had an experience with a counsellor once who laid out all my neuroses before failing to make me feel I could work with them in any way. I found that experience both destructive and hugely anxiety-inducing, but while Ben achieved a deeper level of commentary than that counsellor ever did I left our session feeling totally energised, optimistic and - without sounding too hyperbolic - stunned by his insight. Highly recommended! On the topic of astrology, Ben is another star.


I had been struggling to find someone who could introduce me to some of the questions that kept revisiting me on the practice and metaphysics of magic. I realised the breadth of knowledge Ben had after a brief conversation and immediately felt he was the right person to have encountered. I felt comfortable and this was very important in my decision to approach him further. I had very little knowledge of this aspect of life. During my initial conversation I gauged that Ben had an introspective sensitivity, that told me it was safe to discuss things further.


Everything was explained in a manner that I could grasp an understanding of, I felt free of pressure and expectation to change my life drastically, but charged with a positivity by the end of the reading. I was very nervous to have it done in the first place but Ben has a way of putting you at ease with the information you receive.


He has helped me move further in exploring what I thought was beyond me. I may have forever remained in a loop of curiosity and not quite having the confidence to tread beyond. Ben’s gentle nature made it very easy for me to feel like it was the most natural thing to want to be part of. If you have wondered about the esoteric and keep stalling, I can’t recommend Ben enough, he is a gem.



As a practising artist whose themes revolve around metaphysics, the ineffable and consciousness, Ben’s introduction to astrological metaphysics opened up a set of possibilities that could only be called a gift. By contextualising the discussion within one’s own frame of life with the help of an astrological birth chart, Ben’s approach is akin to that of opening the door into oneself, an essential step to take when approaching the esoteric.



Our phone call not only re-ignited forgotten interests, areas of research and self discovery, but it also gave me a better grasp of gnostic principles, animism and magic. This conversation has already impacted my own artistic and literary practice. I would highly recommend these sessions, they are life altering.



My experience with astrology in the past has been one suffused with scepticism. A healthy scepticism I think, though perhaps marred by a tendency to close myself off to new experiences. This tendency seems to stem from an anxiousness that surrounds the idea that what astrology proposes is something deterministic. Though I soon came to realise that this does not have to be the case. 


As we began our long discussion about what my birth chart contained, I expressed these feelings of anxiousness, and Ben wasted no time in putting them to rest. What ensued was an incredibly interesting discussion and perhaps a pivotal moment in my life. I think the best way of describing it would be like this; it was nothing short of a profound and wonderful experience I shared on a blusterous summers day with someone whom I would now consider to be a friend. 


Most importantly, it was not what I initially worried it would be; a fatalistic discussion about who I am and how it is written in the stars, therefore I have no control over who I am destined to become. In actual fact it was simply a sincere conversation between two people who are in the midst of some sort of spiritual, perplexing existence. One that has offered me a new perspective, and perhaps the opportunity to work on who I wish to become, rather than what I am destined to be.


Sometimes it makes sense to feel special. I believe that none of us are, though we are all simultaneously unique. We are all heroes on our own journeys. But do we owe some of this to the alignment of the celestial bodies? I don’t know. It’s certainly a captivating idea to ponder over. Perhaps it will help me make sense of it all. Thanks, Ben.


I’ve tried to do my birth chart before but found it complicated and difficult to understand, however, the way that Ben explained the history, context and significance of it was very accessible. I learnt a lot about the universe and it’s impact on me and my birth, and how this affects me today.


Ben let me record the whole session which was great and I’ve since listened to it. Overall, a very illuminating and wonderful experience, I left feeling very inspired and connected to the cosmos. I feel now I know much more about astrology and birth charts and would be able to dig further into it.




Writing a dissertation about supernatural transmissions in lockdown feels kind of weird and very internal, so hearing Ben’s insights into art making as magical practice was comforting and enlightening. He zoomed through a mind bending amount of metaphysics in a short space of time and it really helped.


He made me laugh and feel a bit tearful, but feel more grounded in my ideas and I thank him for that. A couple of my favourite sentences of his that I scribbled down were; ‘gravity indiscriminately pulls us towards it’ and ‘reality is always a spectrum’. It was fun speaking to him.



As someone who was totally unfamiliar with my own birth chart and with astrology as a whole I found my reading with Ben extremely enlightening and informative. His personable and relatable manner of reading made it easy for me to realise the ways that various aspects of my chart may manifest in my life, and in that way I was able to make personal discoveries about myself that would have otherwise never occurred to me.


Since my reading I have found that I have an improved understanding of myself and I feel empowered to use the information I've gained to help me overcome challenges in my life.



Having a birth chart reading is like being acquainted with your energetic blueprint which is undeniably ruled by our solar system. To see your birth chart is to see the map of what makes you who you are and Ben not only offers a guided tour of that landscape for you but also gives you the torch for you to find your own way around. After just one session, I felt like I was introduced to a world which has always been there yet undiscovered.


I recommend this to anyone who is interested in self work, is trying to gain an in-depth knowledge of their cycles and patters and someone who generally wants to create a deeper connection with the world. Ben is knowledgeable, eloquent, generous and holds a safe space for open and intimate dialogue.





I recently had a fantastic conversation with Ben. He was really generous with his time, and discussing astrology, his ideas about the creation of the universe and his approach to his art practice, was both fascinating and inspiring. He has an authentic, embodied understanding of a diverse range of esoteric subjects and explains his ideas really clearly.


I took a lot away from our chat and look forward to talking with him again sometime in the future, or past (I think we could probably make that happen after a few more conversations).





We sat on a wooden bench positioned at the edge of an amphitheatre framed by twelve archways. The whole sphere was scintillating with dancing astrological deities as Ben told a cosmically visual story of the universe and consciousness, applying an "Animistic perspective to the scientific idea of the big bang". 


I was handed a beautifully hand drawn diagrammatic map of my astrological alignment derived from the date, place and time of my birth. Ben imparted insight that encouraged me to discover my own way of navigating and interpreting the map. The reading was poignant and upon reflection, uncannily foretelling.


I feel that this experience holds the potential to stimulate transformation within and outside of the self; a magical encounter that punctured these uncertain times with a sense of peace and possibility.

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