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Tsu (2011) 16mm Colour Film | 35mm Slides | Score by Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau - 9 Minutes

IKONO TV, Broadcast on Arabsat internationally to 15 million homes.

A future spoken in past tense by an omniscient narrator plays out over a re-imagined history told through disparate images collected in the aftermath of a Tsunami.


TSU was the product of an 8 month residency at Wheatley Hill Primary School, whose basis for learning was an innovative child lead programme, whereby the children create a story at the beginning of the year that acts as a narrative string through which all aspects of the empirical curriculum are delivered; making all subjects interwoven with relevance to each other. This afforded a feeling of ownership and left all learnt, open, tangible and easily applicable to changing scenarios. After working with all 6 years Ben combined aspects of each class’s narrative with prose poems made during his stay to create the following Film. The still images are 35mm Slides found in the back lanes and pre demolition buildings of Newcastle Upon Tyne over the last 10 years. The film was shot on Fuji Super 16mm in the School and off site at a derelict Magnesium processing factory called 'Steetley Magnesite' which has since been levelled.

Commissioned by Creative Partnerships

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