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THE GREY LADY GALATEA (2014) Installed sculpture | Steel | Electronics | Site specific sound piece - 7 Minutes

Norman Chapel, Durham Castle, UK

27/02/2014 - 14/03/2017


'THE GREY LADY GALATEA' is a new site specific sculpture made in collaboration between artists Ben Jeans Houghton (UK) and Diva Dompé (USA). 'THE GREY LADY GALATEA' is a talking sculpture that offers a guided meditation, exploring and enlivening the ancient imagery that adorns the many sandstone pillars of The Norman Chappel. The evening is also host to a selection of short talks that make tangible some of the many narratives at play in this ancient and unique context. 'THE GREY LADY GALATEA' was commissioned by Hazel Donkin (Arts Secretary of University College SCR) and is the first in a series of commissions exploring the rich context of Durham Castle at the hands of local contemporary Artists.

The event is sponsored by University College SCR as well as The Centre for Visual Arts and Cultures (CVAC).  CVAC brings together scholars from across and beyond Durham University in order to provide a vibrant and dynamic setting for wide-ranging interdisciplinary research and debates about visual culture. CVAC takes a generous view of what constitutes visual culture and it is broad in both geographical and chronological scope, encouraging debate about the range of approaches, methods and theories that are most generative for research on visual phenomena. 

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