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O' SEASONS (2021)

HD Digital Video (12 minutes)

O’ Seasons was made over the course of a year, as an ode to the processional nature of transformation, whose cyclical pulse iterates our lives as local events inside nature's continuum. O’ Seasons is scored with, to and through folk music, that moves me and that moved me to search for its visible siblings in those environs, entities and moments that likely inspire it.


O’ Seasons is a symbiotic collaboration with Fungi, Fire, Stillness and Storms.


Coincidence is a word often unconsciously used to stop thinking about the existential implications of the synchronously meaningful. From a materialist standpoint it was just a coincidence that we arrived at the top of a crag to witness and document the exact moment a storm cell visibly climaxed, just before breaking into diffuse grey sheets of rain. There are whole vocabularies and formulas of rational and probabilistic dismissals, desperately devised to negate the metaphysical implications of the personally meaningful.


Did the storm call us to it? Did we call it to us? Both and… more.


What matters is that for that time and likely before and beyond it we were ‘in-relationship’ with that storm. This film is at once a fleeting epitaph to brief moments of fungal adoration and a prayer to the hyperventilating abstraction of bodies being unremembered by others. This year has taught me much about looking and listening and learning to let art quietly speak for all of the mouthless things by bearing witness and lens to an eternal becoming.


Watching the white fibrous mycelium blooming across the surface of the damp auburn pine needles this autumn, I was struck by the quantum, entangled nature of filmmaking. The stitching into lines of often disparate captions of time and space that on arriving together resonate with the relevance of an edgeless belonging. I feel that relevance has a magnetism to it and in the pan-dimensional nexus of non linear editing programs, an almost amniotic opportunity occurs, for the poetic economy of unrealities to be reborn anew.


Through the years of my embodied creative research into magic; the art of transformation, the occult; that which is hidden, and the esoteric; specialist knowledge, I have observed that the genesis of many magical systems, religions and philosophies express the initial orientation implied by incarnation. As the self arrives as an ‘event of consciousness’ in space time, it's embodied perspective implies an in front, a behind, a left and a right, a past from which it came and a future into which it aims.


These embodied coordinates delineate a cardinality, that itself iterates key aspects of difference on a wheel in flux, that endlessly cycles through the prismatic nature of change. Points of mutually inclusive polarity, that oscillate in symbiotic contradistinction. Directions, seasons, symbols, times, elements, agencies, associations and enactments, all dancing us through a seasonal opera of transformation.

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