Ben Jeans Houghton lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne and works in sculpture, installation, film, photography, drawing, writing, ritual performance, costume and mantric glossolalia. Through these mediums he explores magic (transformation) and its technologies, agencies and implications from astrological, animistic, philosophical, psychological and cinematic perspectives. Throughout, the works activate, evidence and enact sympathies between past and present practices of magic, alchemy and art. Through the ritual arrangement of objects and symbols in the physical world to create narrative dialogue that affects and affords opportunities for transformation in our invisible, conceptual and emotional world. The work encourages a timely remembrance of past metaphysics and methodologies, whilst dismantling the monopoly and momentum of ill ideologies, towards the reinvigoration of contemporary creative tools for the forming of positive futures.


Ben's work has been exhibited internationally in Africa, Asia, Germany, Greece, Japan, South Korea and the USA and in the UK with organisations such as CCA - Glasgow, Workplace Gallery - Gateshead, Gymnasium Gallery - Berwick, Bloc Projects - Sheffield, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art - Gateshead, Generator Projects - Dundee, Whitstable Biennale - Whitstable, Space Inbetween Gallery - London, BFI - London, Circa Projects - Newcastle, NGCA - Sunderland and Channel Four - UK.


With Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau he is the co-founder of the ARKA Group; a fluid collective of creative collaborators who aim to make scientific and philosophical concepts tangible to a wider audience through the generation of Visual Art.

Ben has been an active board member of The Newcastle Theosophical Society since 2019.