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              y art practice is a multidisciplinary combination of sculpture, installation, film, drawing, writing & performance. Through these media I investigate magic; the art of transformation and its methodologies, technologies, agencies and implications through art practice, from astrological, animistic, gnostic and philosophical perspectives. The works activate, evidence and enact sympathies between the alchemy of magic and contemporary art; ritually arranging objects and symbols in the physical, visible world, to create narrative dialogues that effect and afford opportunities for transformation. The work encourages a timely remembrance of occulted metaphysics and methodologies, whilst dismantling the monopoly and momentum of ill ideologies, towards the reinvigoration of contemporary creative tools for the forming of positive futures.



Much of my practice is experimental in that I work through research questions by creatively engaging with the theory and practice of magical methodologies by generating visual art. Through performance I engage with ritual costume, sculptural tools, set and setting and improvised song to both explore and express the creative culture of transformation and the agency it can afford us. Through sculpture I create non denominational haptic expressions of votive worship, that evince the alchemical methodology of using art praxis to both communicate and co-create self reflexive, transformative opportunities, in tandem for the author and audience. Through writing I engage with the poetic economy of prose to intimate the historicism of foundational ideas and reanimate their essence, alongside the writing of film essays that embody and narrate a kind of gnostic-psychogeography. Through Film I create oneiric time based expressions of audio visual material, subsuming the structures and visual languages of mythology, anthology and essay to communicate a constellation of perspectives that explore and establish extant contexts to embody perennial questions posited in novel ways.


At this point in the timeline I feel that it is existentially imperative that we as artists reinvigorate our transformative capacity by making work that genuinely moves people; that revives the myriad opportunities for the personally meaningful, cast aside, treated as mute or rendered dead by the arrogance and myopia of materialist rationalisms monopoly over reality. We must relearn how to ‘write our own gospels and live our own myths’ (C.Jung) otherwise we as artists are going to be as guilty as Nero for ‘fiddling as Rome burns’. Our world is on the brink of ecological collapse, the modern stories written for us by ill ideologues and the manipulative digital capacities of social tools we have been sold by sociopathic technocrats, through our contemporary predilection for endless desire and propensity for ego fragility, are robbing us of both meaning and a future in which to exist meaningfully.




My work has been exhibited internationally in Africa, Germany, Greece, Japan, South Korea and the USA and in the UK with organisations such as CCA - Glasgow, Workplace Gallery - Gateshead, Gymnasium Gallery - Berwick, Bloc Projects - Sheffield, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art - Gateshead, Generator Projects - Dundee, Whitstable Biennale - Whitstable, Space Inbetween Gallery - London, BFI - London, Circa Projects - Newcastle, NGCA - Sunderland and Channel Four - UK.

I have been an active board member of The Newcastle Theosophical Society since 2019.

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