A Yantric Mandala Mapping The Processional Nature of Transformation Generated Using Improvised Ritual Technologies



Lay a table for it and Magic will find you

To aid this short text I need to set a few terms, that despite the inherently problematic restrictions these definitions create, in a world that exists predominantly beyond them, seems necessary now for me to communicate as best I can here. From here on when I say Magic in terms of a practice I mean transformation inner and or outer in the direction of an individuals will and when I say Magic in general I mean the profound process of transformation that Non/Dis/Embodied consciousness dances through in nebulous karmic interrelation of which we can elect to be an operant part granted further agency through our awareness and deliberate interaction with it.


Having spent some time studying various existing systems of Magic, finding much that resonated with me and always something that was dissonant enough to negate my fully diving into any one, I decided to use Sigil Magic to wish for my own Magical System.


Sigil Magic as a practice tends to involve the meticulous honing of a present tense affirmation (be very careful what you wish for) through a process of symbolic condensation to then be ritually activated. The letters of a sentence being combined to create an idiosyncratic symbol, elements of which may then be reduced down or on occasion added to, until what is left is a symbol that is compelling to you, that can hijack your taste and ride it past the egoic boss complex that limits opportunities due to its fear of change and the unknown, so the symbol of intent can then sink down into our subconscious and collective conscious to invite the un-manifest to become manifest in line with what it affirms. In short planting seeds.


My Magical System, and by mine I just mean a system that is becoming now, through me, continues to arrive as a mandala of correspondences that I ritually make space and time to unfold. After activating my initial Sigil through ritual that could be seen as a kind of theatre that impresses the subconscious and or other entities, I created Sigils for the four elemental tools used symbolically in a variety of systems, and combined them into one. This Sigil once tessellated into a cross, delineated a space of specific units from which everything else unfolded after two intuited words were inputted and expanded through its mirrored symmetry. Here is one extrapolative aspect that has unfolded from this endeavour as an example;


East Spring Sword Dawns Air Forms Thought And Chooses

South Summer Wand Noons Fire Alights Creation And Acts

West Autumn Cup Dusks Water Reveals Emotion And Reflects

North Winter Pentacle Nights Earth Grounds Matter And Accepts


The system continues to reveal a whole host of atavistic elements, Astrological patterns, units of numerical significance, words in Sanskrit, Hindi and Maori, alongside correspondences with the Pagan wheel of the year, Solomonic magic and models of reality, the essential structure of many systems and more specifically with ancient Hindu Yantras and conceptual architectures of time and space.


Along with its growth grows an Ideogrammatic Sigilc Script that takes English (Latin/Roman) letters and words and by stripping them down to their simplest graphic characteristics and then applying them to an intuited schema (A grid that dictates their whereabouts in interrelation to one another) reveals what appears to be something of each letters symbolic essence, individually and collectively that directly pertains to the meaning of the word or name spelled whilst also having the capacity for divination in a runic sense.


This endeavour continues to compel me to feel that by communicating an affirmation and creating an unmonopolised time and space in which that may bloom, through a state of improvisation or play, meaning can arrive and grow with macrocosmic relevance, through our microcosmic selves.

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In my experience there is a fluid symbolic architecture that echoes out into the concretions of the reality that we experience, that when ritually invited, builds an expression of itself out of a person, practice, culture or place that may then ripen into being.



1886 ~ 1956


Creator of 'The Alphabet Of Desire' (Sigil Magic); A novel symbolic system for creative transformation.